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    click here to enter into a teenage boys mind

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    coffee and cigarettes

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    The Birds

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  8. "Academics’ lives are seldom interesting. They travel of course, but they travel by hot air, by taking part in things like conferences and discussions, by talking, endlessly talking. Intellectuals are wonderfully cultivated, they have views on everything. I’m not an intellectual, because I can’t supply views like that, I’ve got no stock of views to draw on. What I know, I know only from something I’m actually working on, and if I come back to something a few years later, I have to learn everything all over again. It’s really good not having any view or idea about this or that point. We don’t suffer these days from any lack of communication, but rather from all the forces making us say things when we’ve nothing much to say."
    — Gilles Deleuze, from On Philosophy (via litafficionado)

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    (έτσι μοιάζει δηλαδή)

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    Rainer Werner Fassbinder

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    David Bowie.

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    Mani, Greece

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